United BioSystems Our primary and secondary antibodies are built with goals to achieve high affinity and high specificity. They have been tested and quality controlled by our scientists on every lot. Serving your need and facilitating your research is our ultimate goal. We also would like to hear from you how our antibodies have worked in your assays and any further improvement you would like to see with our products.

M01020-AMonoclonal Mouse Anti-biotin. AP conjugatedIgG0.5mg$350.00
M01020-FMonoclonal Mouse Anti-biotin. Fluorescein. FITC conjugatedIgG0.5mg$310.00
M01020-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-biotin. HRP conjugatedIgG0.5mg$310.00
M01021Monoclonal Mouse anti-AmphetamineIgG0.1mg$150.00
M01024Monoclonal Mouse anti-BenzoylecgonineIgG0.1mg$150.00
M01030Monoclonal Mouse anti-CotinineIgG0.1mg$150.00
M01040Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Erythropoietin (EPO) . HumanIgG0.1mg$170.00
M01060Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Anti-Fluorescein (FITC)IgG0.5mg$180.00
M01060-AMonoclonal Mouse Anti-Anti-Fluorescein (FITC). AP ConjugatedIgG0.5mg$350.00
M01060-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-Anti-Fluorescein (FITC). biotin ConjugatedIgG0.5mg$310.00
M01060-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-Anti-Fluorescein (FITC). HRP ConjugatedIgG0.5mg$310.00
M01064Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 alphaIgG0.1mg$170.00
M01070Monoclonal Mouse anti-human IgGIgG 2b. Kappa0.5mg$170.00
M01080Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 betaIgG0.1mg$170.00
M01090Monoclonal Mouse anti-human IgG Fc. poorly reactive to rhesus IgGIgG1. Kappa0.5mg$170.00
M01090-BMonoclonal Mouse anti-human IgG Fc. biotin conjugatedIgG1. Kappa0.5mg$310.00
M01090-HMonoclonal Mouse anti-human IgG Fc. HRP conjugatedIgG1. Kappa0.5mg$350.00
M01091Monoclonal Mouse anti-human IgG Fc. reactive to rhesus IgGIgG1. Kappa0.5mg$170.00
M01091-BMonoclonal Mouse anti-human IgG Fc. biotin conjugatedIgG1. Kappa0.5mg$310.00
M01091-HMonoclonal Mouse anti-human IgG Fc. HRP conjugatedIgG1. Kappa0.5mg$350.00
M01100Monoclonal Rat anti-human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01120Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor Receptor (G-CSFR)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01130Monoclonal Mouse anti-methamphetamineIgG0.1mg$150.00
M01131Monoclonal Mouse anti-morphineIgG0.1mg$150.00
M01140Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01150Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01160-IMonoclonal Mouse anti-human Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein I (IGFBP-I)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01160-PMonoclonal Mouse anti-PenicillinIgG0.1mg$150.00
M01180Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein I (IGFBP-I)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01200Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interferon gamma (IFN-gamma)IgG11mg$590.00
M01220Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interferon gamma (IFN-gamma)IgG11mg$590.00
M01240Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin 15 (IL-15)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01260Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin 16 (IL-16)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01280Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin 2 (IL-2)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01300Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin 4 (IL-4)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01320Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin 4 Recombinant (IL-4r)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01340Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin 8 (IL-8)IgG0.1mg$170.00
M01360Monoclonal Mouse anti-human Interleukin-1 ReceptorIgG0.1mg$170.00
M02010Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gagIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02010-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gag. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02010-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gag. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02012Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gp-120 IIIBIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02012-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gp-120 IIIB Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02012-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gp-120 IIIB HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02041Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gp-41IgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02041-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gp-41. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02041-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 gp-41. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02050Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 NefIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02050-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 Nef. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02050-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 Nef. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02054Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 NefIgG 2B. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02054-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 Nef. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 2B. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02054-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 Nef. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 2B. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02066Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 RT/p66IgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02066-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 RT/p66. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02066-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 RT/p66. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02080Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 tatIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02080-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 tat. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02080-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 tat. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02090Monoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 vifIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02090-BMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 vif. Biotin-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
M02090-HMonoclonal Mouse Anti-HIV-1 vif. HRP-ConjugatedIgG 1. Kappa0.1mg$290.00
MH0010-BPurified human monoclonal IgG10.5mg$150.00
MH0010-CPurified human monoclonal IgG1. kappa AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MH0010-DPurified human monoclonal IgG1. kappa HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MH0020Purified human monoclonal IgG40.5mg$150.00
MH0020-APurified human monoclonal IgG4. kappa AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MH0020-HPurified human monoclonal IgG4. kappa HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0010-APurified mouse monoclonal IgG1 AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0010-EPurified mouse monoclonal IgG1 as calibration standard0.5mg$150.00
MM0010-HPurified mouse monoclonal IgG1 HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0020Purified mouse monoclonal IgG2a as calibration standard0.5mg$150.00
MM0020-APurified mouse monoclonal IgG2a AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0020-HPurified mouse monoclonal IgG2a HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0030Purified mouse monoclonal IgG2b as calibration standard0.5mg$150.00
MM0030-APurified mouse monoclonal IgG2b AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0030-HPurified mouse monoclonal IgG2b HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0040Purified mouse monoclonal IgG3 as calibration standard0.5mg$150.00
MM0040-APurified mouse monoclonal IgG3 AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0040-HPurified mouse monoclonal IgG3 HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0050Purified mouse monoclonal IgM as calibration standard0.5mg$150.00
MM0050-APurified mouse monoclonal IgM AP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
MM0050-HPurified mouse monoclonal IgM HRP conjugated0.1mg$190.00
P01080Polyclonal Rabbit Anti-Horseradish Peroxidase0.5mg$180.00
P01080-APolyclonal Rabbit Anti-Horseradish Peroxidase. AP conjugated0.5mg$350.00
P01080-BPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-Horseradish Peroxidase. biotin conjugated0.5mg$310.00
P01080-FPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-Horseradish Peroxidase. Fluorescein. FITC conjugated0.5mg$310.00
P01080-HPolyclonal Rabbit Anti-Horseradish Peroxidase. HRP conjugated0.5mg$310.00

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