United BioSystems - Trusted Partner in Life Science

United BioSystems Inc is your trusted partner to support you with a continuum of cutting edge tools, technologies and application solutions to ensure success in your research, development and production.

We understand the complexity of Life Science research and can support you in your most difficult challenges in cell biology, stem cell biology, protein research, and cell signaling. We provide innovative products for the isolation and purification of biomolecules and the analysis of their form and function. Our offerings address: adhesion, antibodies, biomarkers, cell culture, cell structure, clinical diagnostics & infectious disease, epigenetics, general & sterile filtration, genomics, immunoassays & multiplexing, metabolic disease & metabolism, and neuroscience.

Transfection Solutions

The price of our newly developed tranfection reagent, TrueFectinTM, is 30% lower than our major competitor. TrueFect-LipoTM is one-stop solution for all transfection you need. It is highly effective with DNA and siRNA transfection.

Peptide Synthesis

United Biosystems Inc provides high quality peptide synthesis services with a success rate well above the industry standard. We emphasize providing high quality peptides at a competitive price. All peptides synthesized are provided with a mature quality control package, which includes HPLC chromatograms to ensure purity and mass spectral analysis to confirm identity.